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Government Releases Hospital Beds As Covid-19 Cases Fall In West Bengal


With the drop in active Covid-19 cases in West Bengal, the state government has started to free up beds in private hospitals, which had previously been requested to treat these patients.

“The number of active cases has decreased and the rate of hospitalization of Covid-19 patients has also decreased. The state government, which had requisitioned a few thousand beds in private hospitals to treat these patients, has begun to free them. Now they can be used to treat non-Covid patients, ”said a senior official in the state health department.

The state government had requisitioned more than 3,400 beds in some 57 private hospitals across the state. In total, more than 13,500 beds were assigned in more than 100 public and private hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients.

While the number of active cases was 31,984 on October 15, it dropped to 29,314 on November 15. On December 14 (Monday), it was 21,384.

The hospitalization rate has also decreased during this period. While about 38% of hospital beds were occupied on October 15, only about 21% of beds were occupied on December 14.

To date, West Bengal has recorded 523,000 Covid-19 cases and 9,100 deaths. The number of new cases reported daily in Kolkata and North 24 Parganas, the two districts with the highest number of cases, has also decreased.

Kolkata registered around 400 cases on December 14. In the last week of October, just after the holiday season, the city had reported more than 900 cases in a single day.

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