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British Prime Minister Johnson to Visit India in January to Strengthen Trade Ties | India News


LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will travel to India in January, his first bilateral visit since taking office, to try to strengthen trade and investment ties and work together to tackle climate change, his office said on Tuesday.
Since leaving the European Union in January, Johnson has wanted to promote what he calls “global Britain,” in hopes of boosting ties with more distant countries and attracting new foreign investment to a country badly hurt by the Covid-19 pandemic.
“I am absolutely delighted to visit India next year at the start of an exciting year for the global UK, and I look forward to taking the quantum leap in our bilateral relationship that Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi and I are committed to achieving.” Johnson said in a statement.
“As a key player in the Indo-Pacific region, India is an increasingly indispensable partner for the UK as we work to boost jobs and growth, address shared threats to our security and protect our planet.”
Johnson will attend the annual Indian Republic Day parade in New Delhi.

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