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Andhra, Telangana HC CJs changed in a major reorganization | India News


NEW DELHI: At a time when the Andhra Pradesh high court has ordered investigations into the defamation of the judiciary through social media posts and CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy has written a letter to CJI SA Bobde to restore the neutrality of the HC, the Supreme Court college has decided to recommend the transfer of AP Supreme Court Chief Justice JK Maheshwari to Sikkim HC.
The referee led by CJI Bobde recommended on Tuesday the transfer of Judge Maheshwari, who headed AP HC with a sanctioned force of 37 judges, as CJ de Sikkim HC, who has a sanctioned force of three judges. Sikkim HC CJ AK Goswami has been recommended to become the CJ of AP HC.
The college also decided to transfer to Telangana HC CJ RS Chauhan as CJ of Uttarakhand HC, where Judge Ravi Malimath is the acting CJ. Delhi HC Judge Hima Kohli was recommended for appointment as Chief Justice of Telangana High Court.
After an SC bank headed by judge NV Ramana approved an order to expedite the trial in pending criminal cases against sitting and former MPs and members of the Liberation Army, the Andhra Pradesh police registered an FIR against the judge’s daughters. Ramana and the former attorney general in an alleged irregular land purchase case. However, the Andhra Pradesh HC had passed a gag order on the FIR notification. This prompted Reddy to write a letter to the CJI followed by a press conference to attack the SC judge and Andhra Pradesh Chief Justice HC.
There are two dozen pending criminal cases against Reddy in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Political sources in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were anxious about the imminent transfer of the CJs in office from the two states since Monday night.
The college also recommended the appointment of Judge S Muralidhar, who is a judge in Punjab and Haryana HC although his father HC is Delhi, as Chief Justice of Orissa HC. Orissa HC CJ Mohammad Rafiq has been transferred to Madhya Pradesh HC as CJ. The HC is currently led by acting CJ Sanjay Yadav.
The college has also decided to recommend the appointment of Judge Sanjib Banerjee as Chief Justice of Madras HC. Madras HC CJ Amreshwar Pratap Sahi is scheduled to retire on December 31.
The decision of the college to transfer CJ from Andhra Pradesh has surprised legal circles. Andhra Pradesh police had registered a FIR against Judge Ramana’s daughters for buying land in Amaravati in June 2015, immediately after a bank headed by him took over a PIL that sought to speed up turtle-pace trials in criminal cases against sitting deputies and ex-deputies and members of the justice system. Judge Ramana is in line to become the next CJI.
The CM sent a complaint to the CJI shortly after the court led by Judge Ramana requested an action plan from the higher courts to complete the trials against the politicians in one year.
Defenders associations across the country had passed resolutions condemning the Andhra Pradesh CM letter and called it a tactic to pressure and smear the judiciary.

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