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Vaccination: 351 million more syringes to be ordered soon | India News


BENGALURU: As part of its vaccine implementation plan, the Center has started the process to acquire an additional 351 million syringes from more than one firm, bidding documents reviewed by TOI show. As previously reported, the government has already placed orders for 230 million pieces and orders for another 100 million are in the final stages of completion.
The tender issued by the Central Medical Services Society (CMSS), under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoH & FW), is for “0.5 ml self-disabling syringe for fixed dose immunization with fixed needle”, and the Estimated cost of the offer is Rs 65.7 crore.
The additional 351 million pieces will bring the total number of syringes purchased for Covid vaccination to more than 600 million pieces, in line with the demand to vaccinate 300 million people, two doses each, in the early stages of vaccination. .
According to the tender called on December 11, the government has set short delivery targets for the acquisition, which will be carried out in four batches of 87.8 million pieces each. The first batch is expected to be delivered 60 days after the order has been placed and the last batch within 150 days.
According to more than one industry representative, this is the first new tender published for syringes for Covid. “The previous orders were placed as an extension of the existing contracts between the companies and the ministry, and the devices were supplied at old prices,” said one of them.
Sandeep Bhandari, Vice President of Iscon Surgicals, which has already shipped 20 million syringes out of the 52.2 million parts for which it has orders, said: “The order for another 100 million that we will soon receive is also part of the old contract we have. . We will submit an offer for the new tender issued by the government as there is sufficient capacity to fulfill the existing orders ”.
Bhandari and other industry players had pointed out last week that the cost of raw material had skyrocketed around 40% in recent months and had urged the government to settle invoices early, in addition to issuing timely shipping instructions.
Now, under the new tender, companies are expected to receive payment within 90 days of hiring. “With pre-bid meetings scheduled in the next few days and bidding opening at the end of the month, orders are likely to be placed in early January, which means these syringes will start to hit government warehouses. at the end of February, ”said a person familiar with it.

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