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Nadda Convoy Attack: West Bengal Chief Secretary DGP Ignores MHA Subpoena India News


CALCUTTA: West Bengal’s defiance of central directives continued on Monday, as both Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay and DGP Virendra did not attend a meeting on law and order in the state with Union Secretary of the Interior Ajay Bhalla, in Delhi.
Senior officials said the state had yet to get a response from the Center to its two letters, one about the summons to the chief secretary and the DGP and the other about the central delegation of three IPS officers from Bengal, reports Debasish Konar.
The Union Interior Ministry had last week ordered the chief secretary and the head of state police to meet Bhalla in his office on Monday.
The Union Ministry of the Interior had last week ordered the Secretary General and the Chief of State Police to meet with Interior Secretary Ajay Bhalla in his office on Monday to discuss law and order in the context of three attacks. against the convoy of the national president of the BJP, JP Nadda.
A day later, the Center ordered that three IPS officers stationed in the state, South Bengal IGP Rajeev Mishra, Presidential rank DIG Praveen Kumar Tripathi and Diamond Harbor SP Bholanath Pandey, be dispatched to Delhi in the central delegation .
In response to the call for him and DGP Virendra to meet in Delhi, Chief Secretary Bandyopadhyay had requested that his “assistance” be “dispensed with” as the state government was “already” addressing the situation following the attacks on Nadda’s convoy. and that several people had been arrested.
Later, the Bengal government, in another letter, hinted to the Center of its inability to release the three policemen for the central delegation, citing as one reason the still ongoing fight against the pandemic. While the state government claimed to await responses from the Center, Bandyopadhyay and Virendra stayed in Bengal and carried out their “routine work,” authorities said.
The state government is exploring legal avenues for communication about the three IPS agents, the officials added, implying that there was no possibility of their release on Tuesday (as required by the Center).

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