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It is not about taking retrograde measures against the agricultural sector: Rajnath Singh | India News


NEW DELHI: As farmers intensified their protests against the recently enacted farm laws, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Monday that agriculture was a “mother sector” and that there was no possibility of taking “backward measures” against it.
In a speech at the annual general meeting of the FICCI chamber of industry, Singh also said that recent reforms in the sector have been carried out with the best interests of farmers in mind and that the government is always “open to discussion. and to dialogue “.
“This is not about taking retrograde action against our agricultural sector. Recent reforms have been undertaken with the best interests of Indian farmers in mind,” he said.
“However, we are always ready to listen to our fellow farmers, allay their misgivings and give them assurances that we can provide them. Our government is always open to discussion and dialogue,” Singh said.
The Defense Minister said that agriculture has been a sector that has managed to avoid the adverse effects of the pandemic and, in fact, has fared better.
“Our products and acquisitions have been plentiful and our warehouses are full,” he said.
Thousands of farmers have been protesting for more than two weeks on the borders of Delhi, demanding the withdrawal of three new agricultural laws.
Speaking about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the strength of the country’s economy, the defense minister said that India received the highest total Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in history, $ 35.73 billion in the first five months of the year. current fiscal year, which is 13 percent higher compared to the same. last fiscal period.
“It is the strength of our economy … that India, in April-August 2020, received the highest total FDI in history. The total inflow of FDI in India in the first five months was 35.73 billion dollars , 13% more than in the same last fiscal period ”, he said.

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