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High court seeks response from Delhi Police and Center to guilty plea seeking ban on gambling sites


On Monday, the Delhi High Court requested the response from the Delhi Center and Police in a request for instructions to ban / ban gambling, betting, betting and gaming websites.

A bank of the Chief Justice DN Patel and Judge Prateek Jalan issued a notice to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology regarding the request of the public accountant Avinash Mehrotra, who has claimed that gambling is illegal according to with the laws of the country and most states. The laws have expressly prohibited it.

The Public Interest Litigation (PIL), filed through advocate Awantika Manohar, said that despite various provisions of the law, a large number of websites can be accessed in every state through devices and a person you are free to play cards or bet on the outcome. sports results, etc.

The petitioner, also represented by advocates Siddharth Iyer and Prashant Kumar, said that “online gambling is a much worse evil than normal gambling,” as the ease of access makes it easy for anyone to play with. your life savings.

“Furthermore, it is claimed that the online gambling system in India today, in its unregulated state, is potentially a great place to conduct hawala operations, money laundering, etc. In fact, it is argued that currency exchange laws as well as income tax laws are also likely being violated today by online gambling websites, ”the statement said.

This petition has sought the annulment of an October 21 order issued by the Center where it had stated that it has no jurisdiction to block gambling and betting websites in India.

It held that the power to issue instructions with respect to the Internet is vested in the Center under the Internet Technology Act and, although most state governments have held that gambling and gambling activities are illegal, it still continues for lack of proper instructions.

The matter would now be known on January 29, 2021.

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