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Farm Laws Legalize Hoarding and Will Lead to Massive Price Spikes, Says Kejriwal | India News


NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday that farm laws recently passed by the central government legalize hoarding and will cause prices of farm products to rise 16 times in just four years and make it difficult for families to function.
Kejriwal joined AAP MLAs and volunteers to observe a one-day fast at AAP headquarters, where he broke new agricultural laws that have sparked farmer protests, calling them “not just against farmers but also against the common man and promulgated to favor some capitalists. “Kejriwal called for everyone to protest against the agricultural laws and demanded the immediate repeal of the laws.
“These laws against farmers are not only devastating for farmers, but also very dangerous for all citizens of the country. The price of everyday items will increase if these laws come into play. These laws have granted a free license to raise prices. These laws say that unlimited billboards can be made. Hoarding is a sin in all religions and it is also illegal. According to this law, if hoarding is legalized, the rich will start to make a massive hoarding and there will be a price increase. These laws say that if the price increase doubles in a year, then only the government can take action against hoarders, “Kejriwal said, adding that, as chief minister, if I come to know that a person is accumulating legumes or onions causing a price increase, which is why the price of onions or legumes is increasing, I act against these hoarders.
“But under this law I cannot take any action against that person. Previously, there was a limit on the amount of hoarding that can be done, but now they have removed these limits. All of these limits have disappeared, so the rich will accumulate items for three or four years. If this year the wheat is 10 rupees per kg, according to the law, only if within a year this price doubles, only I can make a foray and stop the hoarding. If these laws come into play, within four years the price of wheat will increase 16 times, ”Kejriwal said.
Praising the farmers protesting the peaceful protests in the cold winter, Kejriwal said the farmers are protesting and doing us all a favor. “Farmers are doing all the citizens of India a favor. We must all protest against these laws. AAP stands by the farmers’ side and supports their demands. The MSP must be legalized and a law must be enacted that immediately legalizes the MSP, ”Kejriwal said.
“These laws are here only to favor some capitalists. So don’t think you are doing farmers any favors by supporting them. These laws are already passed, so now, if these laws are not reversed, we will all be in trouble and crisis, ”Kejriwal said and then explained that the new agricultural laws will cause the prices of agricultural products to increase twice in one year, four times in two years, eight times in three years and 16 times in 4 years. “That is allowed in the new law,” he tweeted.
Kejriwal said the country is in crisis because farmers are in crisis. “When the soldiers sitting on the border hear that their brother and father are being called terrorists, how will they feel? I want to appeal to those who are calling farmers as terrorists, to stop this dirty policy, ”Kejriwal said, adding that the entire nation is supporting protesting farmers.

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