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Cold Himalayan winds knock down mercury


Much of northwestern India is experiencing “cold day” to “severe cold day” conditions where maximum or daytime temperatures have also declined.

Many parts of Punjab, Haryana and West Rajasthan recorded at least 6.4 degrees Celsius below normal day temperatures on Sunday due to cloudy skies. In a bulletin issued on Monday, the Indian Meteorological Department said that minimum temperatures in most of northwestern India are expected to drop three to five points over the next four days.

Much of northern India is already experiencing foggy conditions. However, no significant changes have been forecast in most of central and eastern India over the next two to three days, but it may drop as much as four points thereafter, the IMD said.

“What we are seeing now is that various parts of northwestern India are experiencing severe cold day conditions. But the cold wave can also affect these regions as of December 17. While cool daytime conditions are associated with a cloudy sky that hasn’t allowed the daytime temperature to rise, even nighttime temperatures will begin to drop. An intense western disturbance has passed and the winds have shifted to the northwesterly direction bringing icy winds to the plains, ”said Kuldeep Shrivastava, head of the regional weather forecast center.

K Sathi Devi, head of the national weather forecast center, said: “Cold day conditions in the northern states were mainly due to fog, cloud cover and the incursion of very cold air after a western disturbance. Low temperatures have also started to drop as a WD is not expected and the previous WD has left a lot of snow on the hills. “

Meanwhile, several locations in Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh witnessed sub-zero temperatures on Monday.

Hindustan Times