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BJP’s Mukul Roy Renews Demand for President’s Government in Bengal | India News


CALCUTTA: BJP senior member Mukul Roy on Sunday defended the immediate imposition of Article 356 in the state to “restore democracy”, while BJP Bengal caretaker Kailash Vijayvargiya said the party would appeal to the Commission Electoral for the deployment of central forces here.
This comes after BJP Chairman JP Nadda spoke out against the President’s government in West Bengal and stressed “democratic processes”.
“I know that my party president or other party superiors may not agree with this, but I believe that article 356 must be imposed immediately if we are to restore democracy in the state. However, this is my opinion and not that of the party, “Roy said Sunday.
Vijayvargiya said: “We will urge the EC to allow the people to cast their votes without fear … we will seek the immediate deployment of the central forces.” Roy said: “A total of 136 party workers have died so far. If Nadda-ji’s car hadn’t been bulletproof, he could have been seriously injured. There is no rule of law in the state ”.

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