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BJP Launches ‘TMC Fail Card’, Claims Mamata Government is a Story of Total Failure | India News


CALCUTTA: Describing the report card issued by the Trinamool Congress last week on its government’s 10-year rule as a hoax to mislead the people of West Bengal, the BJP on Monday released the “TMC Failure Card “and accused the Mamata Banerjee regime of peddling lies about the development of the state.
Swapan Dasgupta, Shishir Bajoria and Shamik Bhattacharya published the “TMC Failure Card: The True Story of 10 Years of Corrupt and Inept TMC Government in West Bengal”.
“The report card published by TMC is a complete hoax to mislead the people of the state. In the last 10 years, the TMC government has failed on all fronts: economic growth, industry, health, education, women’s safety and job creation, “said Bhattacharya, spokesman for the BJP head of state.
With his sights set on the 2021 Assembly polls, ruling TMC released a report card on Dec. 10 highlighting his government’s “accomplishments” over the past 10 years.
Challenging the TMC government to publish a white paper detailing investments made in West Bengal over the past 10 years, Bhattacharya said the business summits held by the state did not yield any results.
“The TMC government has held several world investment summits over the years, but the state has not received any investment to establish industries. Those with units in the state are forced to move elsewhere because of the raj union.” , said.
In West Bengal, “union” refers to a group of businessmen, apparently backed by the ruling party, who allegedly force developers and contractors to buy building materials, often of inferior quality, at high prices.
“The state government has failed to solve the unemployment problem. The TMC report card is also not just another form of corruption. The people of Bengal know what the true TMC report card is,” Bhattacharya said.
The state BJP on its Twitter account read: “10 years of corruption, 10 years of Syndicate, 10 years of Tolabaji (extortion), 10 years of slapping Democracy. That’s what the TMC Report Card is all about. A failed student who writes his report card, that’s what the TMC report card is. ”
Elections to the 294-member state Assembly must be held between April and May next year.

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