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Woman arrested under the new UP law against ‘love jihad’ suffers a miscarriage


A 22-year-old Hindu woman who was detained under Uttar Pradesh’s new law against “love jihad” suffered a miscarriage in a foster home in Moradabad, her mother-in-law alleged. However, the police called it “fake news”.

Muskan Jahan (Hindu name Pinki) is also the first woman detained under the UP ban from the 2020 illegal conversion of religion ordinance. She had converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim.

She was transferred to a government shelter after her husband Rashid, 28, was booked under the new law on December 6.

Kaanth Police Station Inspector Ajay Gautam said she has been kept in a government shelter and her statement will be recorded on Monday. However, he denied the reports of her miscarriage and described it as “hearsay” and “fake news”.

The woman’s mother-in-law alleged that she may have been given an injection to abort the baby because she dared to marry a Muslim and converted to Islam, several reports citing her said.

Muskan and Rashid fell in love and were married in Dehradun in July. Rashid belongs to the Kaanth city of the Moradabad district and came to court in his hometown on December 6 to register his marriage. A group of activists from the saffron brigade obtained information about her marriage and landed in court. The couple were then taken to the Kaanth Police Station, where few members questioned them in the presence of policemen.

Later, Rashid was booked under section 3 of the new law and Muskan was sent to a shelter.

Hindustan Times