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SC imposes a cost of 15,000 rupees on the UP government for waste of judicial time | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court imposed a 15,000 rupee cost on the Uttar Pradesh government for “loss of judicial time” in a case in which the state had filed an appeal in the supreme court after a delay of more than 500 days.
Noting the delay in filing the appeal, a bank headed by Judge SK Kaul said there was not even the “courtesy” to set dates on how the files had been moved.
“The special license request is delayed 576 days (535 days as lead attorney contends). There is not even the courtesy of setting dates as to how the files have been moved, possibly because we have been addressing the responsibility for fixing and costs to be recovered from those responsible for the delay, “said the court, which also includes Judges Dinesh Maheshwari and Hrishikesh Roy, in its December 1 order.
“We reject the request for a special license on the grounds of delay, but due to loss of judicial time, we consider it appropriate to charge the petitioner with costs of 15,000 rupees which will be deposited in the Social Welfare Fund of Supreme Court Lawyers …” said the Bank.
He said the cost will be recovered from the officers responsible for the delay in filing the appeal in the higher court.
“Therefore, once again we are faced with a matter to obtain a dismissal certificate and we have categorized those cases as ‘certified cases’, brought before this court only to silence the matter and not set the responsibility on the Officers who are those responsible for the situation, ”the bench noted.
The high court was hearing an appeal filed by the state against the October 2018 order of a division court of the Allahabad High Court.
The higher court divisional court had dismissed the state’s appeal against the January 2018 order passed by a single judge, which had ordered the department in question to regularize the service of a man.

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