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Railways innovates, makes the side bunks comfortable


Indian Railways has incorporated an innovative new design in the seating arrangement that will make commuters’ travels more comfortable. The new design will benefit passengers in the lower outboard seats of the berth.

Passengers assigned the lower side berth seats on trains found it uncomfortable to sleep or rest as the two seats on each side must be joined together to make them a sleeping berth. The seats, when attached, used to have uneven space in the middle and many passengers complained of back pain caused during the trip by the design of the seats.

The railroads targeted this particular mistake and to correct it, they modified the seats by incorporating an innovative design for the lower bunk seats for the comfort of sleeper class passengers.

A video shared by Piyush Goyal, the Union’s rail minister, on Twitter showed the new changes. “The Indian Railways always try to make travel convenient for the passengers. Some changes that have been made to the seats to make the passenger journey more comfortable is an example, ”Goyal tweeted.

In the video, a railway official demonstrates how the new design works on a second AC coach. It showed that an extra fold has been attached to the side of the lower bunk seats. The padded fold is the size of a bed or bench that covers the gap when the two seats are joined. If a passenger needs to rest, you can lift the fold on the side of the seats and place it on top of the unevenly joined seats.

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