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Punjab farmers protest: widows of debt-stricken farmers who took their own lives ready to join the protests News from India


BATHINDA: Widows of Punjab farmers who died by suicide due to agrarian distress caused by debt and losses will join the agitation against the three controversial central agricultural marketing laws in Tikri, outside Delhi, on 16 from December.
“Large numbers of farmers in Punjab have taken their own lives due to a faulty agricultural model. Sadly, the country or the world is not catching on, as everyone continues to view Punjab and its farmers as prosperous … Now, when the country is witnessing a historic agricultural protest, these agricultural widows have decided to show the world the reality. agriculture in Punjab, ”said BKU Ugrahan chief Joginder Singh Ugrahan on Saturday.
He said that widows of farmers, including many young mothers who have lost their breadwinners to the burden of debt and disproportionate returns, were victims of the misguided policies of successive governments. “Although there have been many suicides in Punjab, they have not been highlighted at the national level. So these women have decided to step up and endure the agony of their lives. ”
The cotton belt that comprises the eight districts of the Malwa region reports the highest number of farmer suicides, but this is not reflected in data compiled by the National Criminal Records Bureau (NCRB), the union claims.
TOI had reported on September 12 last year how the last remaining male member of a Punjab family caught in a 15-year debt spiral took his own life, as did his grandfather and father. The only surviving members of the family from Bhotna village in Barnala district were two women.

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