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Peasant agitation: Now, RSS affiliate wants legal guarantee for MSP | India News


NEW DELHI: Farmers protesting the recently enacted farm laws on Sunday were supported by RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) on their demand for a legal guarantee to secure the purchase of food grains at a minimum support price (MSP ).
This is the second RSS-linked body after BKS that has provided support to farmers protesting the MSP issue. However, unlike the agitated farm unions, these two bodies do not want the laws repealed. The SJM passed a resolution at its annual convention on virtual platforms that suggests certain amendments, including a provision to make purchases under the MSP illegal. The Center has said that it is willing to give a written guarantee on the “continuation” of MSP.
Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) on Sunday backed farmers’ demand for a legal guarantee on the continuation of the minimum support price (MSP) for food grains, becoming the second RSS affiliate to do so. SJM co-coordinator Ashwani Mahajan told TOI that a legal guarantee on MSP could be given by amending the existing farm law on farm markets or by new legislation.
“We believe that the legal guarantee of the MSP will not only be important for the well-being of farmers, but also crucial for the country’s food security. It will not increase inflation as some economists have argued, ”Mahajan said, adding:“ We have examples of pulses whose higher MSP purchases encouraged farmers to produce more, lowering the price for consumers and also reducing the import bill of country. So a legally guaranteed MSP will be a win-win situation. ”
Experts, however, argue that the idea behind the reforms is to encourage private investment and trade, and official agencies cannot under any circumstances acquire all crops. The SJM also suggested the establishment of ‘farmers courts’ along the lines of ‘consumer courts’ rather than empowering SDMs to resolve disputes arising out of contract farming.
Although the government in its preliminary proposal shared with the agricultural unions agreed to allow the resolution of disputes through an appeals mechanism in a civil court, both SJM and BKS suggested a separate court to deal with agricultural matters. The SJM resolution said the government’s intention to introduce new agricultural laws was good, but some amendments were needed to overcome the drawbacks.

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