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Pak Uses Heavier Artillery For LoC Violations – Deputy Army Chief | India News


DEHRADUN: The number of violations of the ceasefire on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir has increased with an escalation in the caliber of artillery used by the other side to target innocent civilians, said the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army (CoAS) Lt. Gen Satinder Kumar Saini in Dehradun on Saturday.
“Ceasefire violations across the LoC have risen this year compared to last year or the previous year. We have also seen that there has been a caliber escalation in terms of artillery used throughout the LoC to attack. innocent civilians, “Saini said while addressing the media at the Indian Military Academy’s Fainting Parade.
“These acts are abominable and although on our side there have been innocent civilian casualties, we have been retaliating in a calibrated manner. We are prepared for all contingencies that arise in the LoC,” he added.
On the ongoing dialogues between the Indian and Chinese parties to resolve the border dispute, Saini reported that the Indian side is in contact with Chinese counterparts both at the diplomatic and military level.
“We are in contact with our Chinese counterparts both at the diplomatic and military level. We hope that a solution will be found through this dialogue and that the status quo will be restored from April this year while we seek a resolution through dialogue. Also He promised to guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country regardless of the cause involved, ”said Saini.
“We have to stay engaged with China and these are complex talks and therefore it will take a little time, but I understand that these talks are protected, but we remain committed to this dialogue and hope that an early resolution will be reached.” added.
Speaking about reports that China established villages near the Royal Line of Control (LAC), Saini said that no new villages or structures have been created within Indian territory.
“There are no new villages or structures that have been created within our territory, therefore it is on the other side of the border. As you know, the continuous development of infrastructure on the other side of the Line of Royal Control (LAC) has been ongoing for the past decades. Therefore, it is not an issue that worries us, “he added.
Speaking about the Passing Out parade, Saini said that it is very satisfying to see the Passing Out parade and other events held despite the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We started taking precautions against Covid-19 in March. The parents have also come for the parade of fainting, for the last one they could not come ”, he added.

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