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More than 51% of polls in Phase VI of the DDC elections in J&K | India News


JAMMU / SRINAGAR: J&K State Elections Commissioner (SEC) KK Sharma said Sunday that Phase VI of the District Development Council (DDC) polls recorded a vote of 51.51 %, as people of all age groups braved the bitter cold and mountainous terrain to vote. , standing in long lines for hours on end.
The SEC addressed the media after the end of the Phase VI polls and said: “Voting has been peaceful in 31 DDC constituencies, including 14 in the Kashmir division and 17 in the Jammu division.” .
Voting took place in 2,071 polling stations, including 1,208 in the Kashmir division and 863 in the Jammu division.
The Jammu division recorded an average voter turnout of 68.56% with the Poonch district recording the highest turnout of 76.78%, while the lowest turnout was in the Kathua district with 60.95%.
The Kashmir division recorded a 31.55% share and the Ganderbal district recorded the highest vote with 58.45%.
Sharma said the vote recount for the Sarpanch and Panch constituencies that went to vote in Phase VI is taking place after the polls close and the results will be announced soon.

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