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Modi’s India, intrepid, strikes hard without hesitation to secure her interests: Anurag Singh Thakur | India News


JAMMU: Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur said on Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new India is a “fearless” India that strikes hard without hesitation to secure its interests.
“The New India envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fearless, looks the world in the eye and attacks terrorists at home. Hit hard without hesitation to secure the interests of India, ”said Thakur, the Minister of State for Finance, who is also the BJP’s head of the Jammu and Kashmir DDC elections.
Addressing an election rally in RS Pura here, he said: “In 2001, the temple of democracy in India was attacked by terrorists who were neutralized by brave security forces who fought the cowardly terrorists with courage.”
“The terrorists and their sympathizers wanted India to bleed. However, as we begin a new journey with Prime Minister Modi today building a new temple of democracy, the new Parliament building, let me remind everyone that this marks a turning point in history, ”he said.
He said that the BJP has a new perspective for New India, where there is zero tolerance for terrorists and their sympathizers.
Pointing his guns at the BJP’s political rivals, especially the Peoples’ Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration, which comprises seven major parties, including the National Conference and the PDP, he said: “The era of Gupkar gangs supporting the separatists and shedding tears for terrorists is forever over. ”
“The Modi government has strengthened national security and modernized the armed forces. Today India has Rafales and our jaws have bulletproof vests and bunkers to face enemy fire, ”he said.
He said: “India now looks into the eyes of its enemies and does not hesitate to launch counter-terrorism operations to protect Indian lives.”
“We have a fluid coordination between services with the establishment of the Chief of Defense Staff. We have stronger surveillance, air defense and firepower systems. India attacks on its own terms, without fear, ”he said.
Questioning the rationale behind the formation of the Gupkar alliance, Thakur asked, “Why should the sons of J & K’s daughters be the victims of terror while the members of the Gupkar Gang family live a life of luxury abroad? ”
“Why do they never talk about the human rights of J&K parents, children and youth? Is humanity reserved only for members of the Gupkar gang family? ” I ask.
Thakur said that since the repeal of sections 370 and 35A, Gupkar’s leaders have despaired of considering J&K as their “personal estate” and that era has come to an end.
“People have given them an adequate response by going out in large numbers to cast their vote, there is no atmosphere of fear or fraud. The divisive politics of the Gupkar gang, which is hand in hand with the separatists, is coming to an end, ”he said.
“The Gupkar gang has never believed in participatory democracy or public welfare,” he claimed.

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