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Mamata did not keep her promise to provide employment: Mukul Roy | India News


CALCUTTA: BJP National Vice President Mukul Roy claimed on Sunday that although West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had promised jobs to the youth of Singur, which is synonymous with her movement against land acquisition, she has not done nothing for them.
Tata Motors had built a factory for the world’s cheapest car, Nano, at Singur in the Hooghly district, but the project was abandoned and moved to Gujarat after a massive upheaval by farmers, led by Banerjee and his party. , the Trinamool Congress, in 2006. -2007.
Admitting that he had also participated in the 2006 Singur movement during his days in the Trinamool Congress, Roy, who was once Banerjee’s right-hand man and had joined the saffron party in 2017, said at a press conference here that moving away the nano manufacturing plant from West Bengal was the “biggest mistake” and this acted as a deterrent for other industrialists as well.
The project was moved to the western state at the invitation of then Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The movement against land acquisitions in Singur and Nandigram had catapulted Banerjee and his TMC to power in the state in 2011, ending a 34-year-old leftist regime.
Roy also highlighted the alleged failure of the state government to attract investment to the state despite hosting several global business summits.
“The chief minister has held several world investment summits over the past nine years, but the state has not received any investment to establish industries, while those with units in the state are forced to change base due to the raj union,” Roy. told reporters here.
He challenged Banerjee to publish a white paper detailing the amount spent organizing business conclaves and investments made in the state during these nine years.
“I know that my top leadership may not agree, but I believe that Article 356 must be imposed immediately in West Bengal to restore democracy,” said the BJP National Vice President.
He also expressed his confidence that the saffron party will win the elections to the Assembly in the state, scheduled for April-May 2021.
Noting that it was his personal opinion, the BJP leader said, 136 BJP workers have been killed so far in the state ruled by the Trinamool Congress.
Roy accused the police of serving the interests of the ruling party rather than acting neutrally and providing protection to people who abide by the law.
Introducing a state youth job opportunities guarantee card, Bharatiya State President Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and Bishnupur MP Soumitra Khan said that instead of providing employment to people, the chief minister is asking young men and women to sell cutlets and potato chips for a living.
“We will provide job opportunities for young people,” he said.
The BJYM will register the names of the youths for the purpose which, Khan said, will also provide an idea on the number of unemployed men and women in the state.
Khan said that at present, bomb-making is the only industry in the state.
Stating that the saffron party will win the 2021 elections, he said that the BJYM will distribute cards to 75 lakh youth in the state to provide job opportunities in the next five years.

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