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Indian Defense Forces to Stock Arms and Ammunition for Intense 15-Day War | India News


NEW DELHI: In the midst of a conflict with China, India has taken a significant step by authorizing defense forces to upgrade their stocks of weapons and ammunition for an intense 15-day war.
Making use of the extended storage requirements and emergency financial powers in the ongoing conflict with China in eastern Ladakh, the defense forces are expected to spend more than Rs 50 billion for the procurement of equipment and ammunition from sources. local and foreign.
The authorization to increase the stockpiles of arms and ammunition to minimum levels of 15-I from the previous 10-day stocks is to prepare the defense forces for a two-front war with China and Pakistan.
“Various weapons and ammunition systems are now being acquired under the authorization to have reserves to wage an intense 15-day war with the enemies. The average would now be at level 15-I from levels 10 I,” said government sources. AND ME.
The authorization to improve the stockpiling of the defense forces was approved some time ago, they said.
Under authorization from many years ago, the armed forces were supposed to stock up for an intense 40-day war, but it was later downgraded to level 10-I due to problems with the storage of weapons and ammunition, as well as the changing nature. of war.
After the Uri attack, he realized that the stocks of war waste reserves were low and the then defense ministry led by Manohar Parrikar upgraded the financial powers of the deputy chiefs of the Army, Navy and Air Force to 500 million rupees from 100 million rupees.
The three services were also given emergency financial powers to purchase items worth Rs 300 million to purchase whatever equipment they believed might be useful for fighting wars.
The defense forces have been purchasing a series of spare parts, weapons, missiles and systems to effectively engage the two adversaries.
Sources say that a large quantity of missiles and ammunition for tanks and artillery have been procured in satisfactory quantities to allay the concerns of troops on the ground.
India has engaged with China in the eastern Ladakh sector, where the Chinese have been transgressed in multiple places and trying to change the status quo in LAC.

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