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Haridwar masters will be the Crown warriors of the Uttarakhand government for Mahakumbh 2021


In an attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19 during the Mahakumbh 2021 fair, which is scheduled to start next year in Haridwar, teachers from government schools have been trained to raise awareness and sensitize locals and pilgrims on how to stay safe from mortals. virus.

More than 30 teachers from the district’s government schools have already been trained under the direction of Haridwar’s medical director, officials said.

These teachers will further spread awareness in Haridwar city and suburban areas to priests and saints in temples, ashrams, dharmashalas, merchants, rickshaw pullers, and car drivers.

Anand Bharadwaj, Haridwar District Education Director, said: “Under the supervision of the Medical Director, Haridwar, the selected teachers have been trained regarding the dos and don’ts, identifying Covid-19 symptoms. , asymptomatic factors, home isolation procedure how to follow appropriate Covid-19 behavior such as wearing masks and keeping distance. These masters will act as our ‘crown Kumbh warriors’ ”.

He added that the respective government departments are helping to ensure that the target people arrive at the training centers so that the maximum number of people can be sensitized and prepared before Mahakumbh mela next month.

The district administration is interested in maintaining the services of these trained teachers until the final months of the Mahakumbh fair in March-April.

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Merchants associations, the priest community, transportation associations and hotel associations have welcomed this Kumbh-oriented Covid-19 security training module.

Sanjay Chopra, President of the Small-Scale Traders Association, said: “Our goal is to contain the spread of Covid-19 during Mahakumbh, and we are ready to cooperate with the district administration in any capacity.”

While Ganga Sabha, who manages the affairs of the Brahamkund sanctum sanctorum, Har-Ki-Pauri and understands teerth purohits, said that it is imperative that social distancing is strictly practiced as Mahakumbh approaches and any workshops or programs that the government , district and mela organized administration will help in mass awareness.

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