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Farmers will intensify the unrest and plan a nationwide sit-in today


Farmers will hold protests in every district headquarters in the country and some of their leaders will go on a hunger strike from 8 a.m. M. At 5 p. M. On Monday, representatives of various agricultural unions said Sunday as they planned to intensify their agitation against the new agriculture. laws, with thousands more farmers starting their journey to the capital from villages in Rajasthan.

Previously, farmers blocked the Jaipur-Delhi highway at Shahjahanpur in Rajasthan, while police in Haryana, falling along the way, prevented large groups from heading to Delhi, increasing the likelihood that more access routes to the road will be blocked. national capital.

The farmers’ protests, which started with a large group from Punjab now camped on the Singhu border, began 17 days ago and have grown into a major political controversy, with members of the ruling government blaming opposition parties for the match.

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On Sunday, Union Ministers Narendra Singh Tomar and Som Parkash met with Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, along with leaders of the Punjab Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It is unclear what was discussed at the meeting. Later that day, Tomar, while meeting with a delegation of farmers from Uttarakhand, said that the backlash against the new laws was being created by “people who simply oppose and weaken the country.”

Opposition leaders reiterated their support for the farmers and called on the government to heed their demands.

“I want to call on the central government to destroy its ego. Governments are made up of the public, the public is not made up of governments. All three agricultural laws should be repealed immediately and a bill should be presented to guarantee EMP for farmers, ”said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

At the Singhu border of Delhi, where the largest gathering of protesters has camped, peasant leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni and other union bosses held a press conference and said they will observe a one-day hunger strike between 8 a.m. and 5pm on Monday as part of a plan to intensify his agitation. “Dharnas will also be organized at all district headquarters across the country. The protest will continue as usual, ”he told reporters.

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The leader also spoke of some other members of the farmers’ union who appeared to break ranks with the protest groups. “There are groups that are putting an end to the protest and saying that they are in favor of the laws passed by the government. We want to clarify that they are not associated with us. They have been hand in hand with the government; they conspired to sabotage our protest. The government is plotting a conspiracy to derail the ongoing farmers’ protest, ”added Chaduni.

Peasant leader Shiv Kumar Kakka said: “Government agencies have been preventing farmers from reaching Delhi, but the protest will continue until their demands are met. Our position is clear; we want the three agricultural laws to be repealed. All the farmers’ unions that participate in this movement are together ”.

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Another peasant leader, Rakesh Tikait, said: “If the government gives another proposal for the talks, our committee will decide on it. We call on everyone to keep the peace during the protest ”.

Including Singhu, seven border points in the national capital remain closed.

The farmers’ rebellion was sparked by three laws pushed by the government in September that allow agribusinesses to trade with minimal regulation, allow traders to store large quantities of food products for economies of scale, and establish new contract farming rules. .

The government has proposed amending some provisions for more oversight, but farm unions say they will not suspend their agitation until the laws are completely repealed.

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After a prolonged stalemate following the failure of talks last week, farmers plan to intensify their movement in the next period. Amid the ongoing rally, farmers protesting near the Jaisinghpur Kheda area in Rewari, on the border between Rajasthan and Haryana, wait for more farmers to arrive for their march to Delhi.

“Today more people and unions are coming from Rajasthan to the border area. After gathering the crowd, we will head towards Delhi. Among other things, we want all three laws to be repealed. We are with the farmers of Punjab and Haryana. We do not have separate lawsuits. We stand with our union leaders, ”said Banwari Lal from Jaipur, who is the coordinator of the Rashtriya Kisan Mahasabha.

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