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Will not impose coercive measures to control the population, says the government to SC | India News

NEW DELHI: The Center told the Supreme Court that India is on the verge of achieving a replacement fertility rate level of 2.1 through various voluntary birth control measures and rejected suggestions to adopt the coercive model of China’s population control, saying that such methods cause demographic distortions.
The submissions from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare came in response to PIL petitioner Ashwini Upadhyay, who had pleaded that “be in good health; social, economic and political justice; freedom of thought, expression and belief, faith and worship; and equal status and opportunities, a population control law, based on the model of China, is urgently required. ”
The ministry said: “India is unequivocally against coercion in family planning.” Analyzing the Chinese model, he said: “In fact, international experience shows that any coercion to have a certain number of children is counterproductive and leads to demographic distortion.”
This is indeed the case, with China’s population chart showing an imbalance between younger people of working age and older people in need of social benefits, he said.

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