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TMC and BJP block horns as MHA calls 3 IPS officers to return to delegation – kolkata


AAccusing the government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Center of waging political revenge, the ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal on Saturday made a decision. by the Union Ministry of the Interior (MHA) to call three officers from the Indian Police Service (IPS) to the central delegation.

The indictment is part of a new verbal war between the Center and the state government sparked by an attack on BJP President JP Nadda’s convoy by TMC activists who threw stones when he was visiting Diamond Harbor, the constituency on Thursday. of Lok Sabha in chief. the nephew of Minister Mamata Banerjee, Abhishek Banerjee.

“The Center is indirectly trying to impose an emergency and is keeping officials from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and IPS under duress. The three IPS agents were on duty that day and yesterday (December 11) they received letters from the MHA. The vengeful attitude is clear, ”said Kalyan Banerjee, TMC’s lead lawyer and head whip at Lok Sabha.

The home ministry on Saturday called the thrIPS officers responsible for Nadda’s security return to West Ben central delegationgallon

“The convoy of a person enjoying category Z security has a pilot car and a tail car. If any other vehicle wants to enter that convoy, the local police must be informed and permission must be obtained. No permission was taken here, ”said Kalyan Banerjee.

The leaders of the BJP’s Bengal unit responded to Kalyan Banerjee. “Who is Banerjee? Is it someone from the state government? No. Is it someone from the Center? No. He’s a deputy for the state’s ruling party. What are you trying to prove? Is that why the prime minister has no answer and why is she asking her MP, who is not related to the matter, to respond, ”said BJP leader Jay Prakash Majumdar.

On Friday, the Center had asked Chief Secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay and Director General of Police Virendra to appear before it on 14 December. This provoked a strong reaction from the TMC, who argued that law and order were a matter of state and outside the competence of the Center.

“Under no law can the Center summon the officers. The executive powers of the Union Government can only be exercised in the cases included in the Union list and the concurrent list. Law and order are on the seventh program state list. Executive power cannot be exercised here ”, Kalyan Banerjeeadditional.

The TMC deputy sent a letter to the Union Secretary of the Interior, Ajay Bhalla, protesting the letter from the MHA, which asked the Chief Secretary of State to release three IPS officers for the central delegation.

He alleged that it was a case of political revenge, and said that the Union Secretary of the Interior wanted to meet with the Chief Secretary of State and the Director General of Police on the instructions of the Union Interior Minister Amit Shah.

“Thats falseeful and dangerous thAll the laws have been thrown into the river by his action at the urging of Amit Shah, leader of the BJP and Minister of the Interior of India. All their ways suffer from the bad faith exercise of power, ”Kalyan Banerjee wrote in the letter sent to Ajay Bhalla, the Union’s Secretary of the Interior..

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