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Times Network Launches Special Mental Health Initiative | India News


Times Network, India’s premium streaming network, has launched a special mental health initiative, #ActNow, to spread the word awareness on the growing mental health crisis in India and urges the importance of urgently addressing issues related to the crisis.
As part of the campaign, a film, Act Now, has been presented, which can be accessed at https://youtu.be/_-duTzdnXQo. The initiative builds on the relevance of the National Times Network research conducted by Nielsen India on ‘How Urban India Perceives Mental Health’: it presents an in-depth analysis of the mental health landscape in the country.
Dismantling the taboo around mental health ailments, #ActNow takes an outside-in view of the problem and focuses on the ‘people around’ to act, rather than the one living with mental health issues. The initiative was launched in a special edition of the Mirror NOW Urban Debate.
Reflecting how social structures treat a person living with a mental illness with ignorance, pity, annoyance and utter disbelief, the film unravels the state of mind of someone who is besieged by misinterpreted advice from loved ones and close ones while waging a lonely battle.
The Times Network study by Nielsen indicates that while awareness levels related to mental health ailments have increased recently, there is a pressing need to disseminate factual information to address strong underlying currents of stigma and lack of access. to quality mental health care.

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