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Several government offices caught fire in Arunachal’s Changlang before the panchayat survey


Several government offices were set on fire by a large group of young people in the Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh on Friday, ahead of the Panchayat and civic body elections in the state later this month.

According to district officials, the office of the additional assistant commissioner (EAC) and the post office in remote Vijoynagar were burned down and the offices of the special branch (SP) and a police station in the area were vandalized.

“About 500 young people had held a demonstration on Friday morning from the village of Gandhigram to Vijoynagar, the headquarters of the circle. Suddenly, without provocation, the youths attacked government property, ”said Devansh Yadav, Changlang Deputy Commissioner.

“They burned down the EAC office and the post office and destroyed the SP office and the police station around 8:00 am. There were no injuries or injuries, but government property was destroyed, ”he added.

The district administration has enlisted the help of Assam Rifles and has also brought senior police officers to Vijoynagar to control the situation and also to catch the criminals involved in the incident.

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Reports say that the youth were seeking the cancellation of the Panchayat elections, scheduled in the state on December 22, for the alleged granting of voting rights to registered tribes outside of Arunachal Pradesh.

“The Panchayat elections in the area have already been postponed but despite that the young people held the rally and destroyed government assets. Appropriate measures will be taken, ”Yadav said.

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