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‘Reforms aimed at increasing competition’: Take


Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar says the government is committed to reforming agricultural markets and hopes that recalcitrant agricultural unions will eventually see the benefits of the three laws passed in September and join the dialogue with the Narendra administration. Modi.

The protesting farmers rejected the government’s proposed amendments to the three laws, saying they would settle for nothing less than repeal of the laws, but Tomar said in an interview with the Hindustan Times that their essence remains. “The reforms will continue. Take, for example, contract farming, its objective is to guarantee a guaranteed price for their products farmers, the security of their agricultural lands, increase private investment and tackle the problem of agricultural practices followed globally, ”he said. Drink.

The government has done everything it can to address farmers’ concerns, Tomar said.

“We have made that attempt through the amendments. It is also our duty to do so. The reforms were aimed at increasing competition; Until now, only authorized merchants could buy from mandis, now everyone can. As competition increases, farmers will get better remuneration. It is also natural that when farmers are protesting and there are some concerns they have, it is our duty to allay their fears and address their concerns.

Tomar described the concern that corporate entities could seize farmers’ lands as “unfounded.” “Until now, in states like Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Karnataka, contract farming is already being practiced … no one has been taken away. In the act we have established a provision that the farmer can opt out of the contract, but the buyers cannot; they cannot breach the contract and, if they do, they must pay a fine of 150% ”.

When asked if the BJP was concerned about the electoral impact of the farm laws, Tomar responded: “It is imperative that when we go out to do something good there is a period of struggle and pain. Itihaas wohi banate hai jo itihaas se aage nikal jaate hai (those who are ahead of the times make history) and those who believe in the status quo cannot make history. “

Hindustan Times