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On Ladakh’s confrontation with China, Jaishankar says ‘India is being tested, it will face the challenge of national security’


Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Saturday that India was being tested and was confident it would meet the national security challenge along the disputed border amid the stalemate with China over the eastern sector of Ladakh a along the Royal Line of Control (ALC).

“We are being tested. I am fully confident that we will rise to the occasion and meet the challenge of national security. But beyond that, at this time, I would frankly keep my own advice, ”the Union minister said during an interactive session at the annual general meeting of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

Jaishankar called the events across LAC as very disturbing which have raised some “basic concerns”, adding that “what happened in eastern Ladakh was not actually in China’s interest as it has had a significant impact on public sentiment in India “.

Recalling the ties between India and China when he was younger and how the relationship has evolved over the years, Jaishankar said: “Professionally, I have seen the evolution of how the Indian public feels about China over the past decades and I have old enough. to remember much more difficult days, especially in my childhood and adolescence, “he said.

The minister expressed concern about the future of bilateral relations between the two countries, saying that this year’s events have not helped at all. “In fact, I think the real danger is that the good will that was so carefully developed will dissipate,” he added.

When asked about when India and China are likely to reach a resolution, Jaishankar said: “It would not go into the prediction zone at all, whether it will be easy or not, and what the deadlines will be, etc.”

For almost eight months, the Indian Army and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have been locked in a tense border clash in the Ladakh region with no progress yet despite multiple rounds of discussions between the main authorities. .

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