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In retaliation for the increase in violations of the truce of the LoC: Vice Chief of the Army | India News


DEHRADUN: Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the Passing Out (POP) Parade at the Indian Military Academy (IMA) on Saturday, Deputy Chief of the Army General Staff, Lt. Gen. SK Saini, who was the officer of Reviewing the parade, he said that “diplomatic and military talks are underway with China to maintain the previous status quo.”
Commenting on Pakistan’s ceasefire violations on the Line of Control (LOC), the deputy chief said: “Ceasefire violations across the LOC have increased this year, compared to last year’s figures. or the previous year. We have also seen that there has been a caliber escalation in terms of artillery used throughout the LOC to attack innocent civilians. These acts are abominable. Although there have been casualties on our side, we have retaliated in a calibrated way and we are prepared for all contingencies that arise in the LOC ”.
Expanding on the talks with China, he said: “We are in contact with our Chinese counterparts, both diplomatic and military, and we hope that a solution will be found through this dialogue and the status quo from April this year. It is restored. Although we seek a resolution through dialogue, we are also committed to guaranteeing the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country, regardless of the cost involved ”.
When asked why the India-China talks, which have been going on for the past six months, have not made a breakthrough so far, Lt. Gen. Saini said: “These are complex talks and will probably take time. I understand that these talks are lengthy, but we remain committed to this dialogue and I hope that a prompt resolution will be reached ”.

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