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To combat trafficking, establish a 24×7 helpline, surveillance at transit points: NHRC | India News


NEW DELHI: In the context of the increased vulnerability of the weakest sectors due to the ongoing pandemic and reports of increasing cases of human trafficking, the national human rights commission wants the central government and the states to establish a line 24×7 dedicated help desk for reports, monitoring and real-time monitoring of trafficking cases.
In order to crack down on smugglers at transit points, the NHRC has asked authorities to install special surveillance at train stations, bus stations, airports, and routes to remote villages to track children without adult supervision, track suspicious people and identify vulnerabilities in regions. .
The NHRC underscores the seriousness of the problem, citing that it was reported that between March and August, the Ministry of Women’s and Child Development received 27 lakhs of distress calls and could intervene in 1.92 lakhs of distress calls in Earth. These interventions included at least 32,700 cases of trafficking, child marriage, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, forced begging, and cybercrime. This data comes from a press release from Childine -1098, the national helpline for children in distress.
The 2019 annual report of the National Office of Criminal Records is cited to indicate that in 2018 there were 2,260 cases of human trafficking. These cases involved 6,616 victims, of whom 2,914 were children and 3,702 were adults.
The NHRC’s notice on combating human trafficking in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic has been sent to Union ministries and all states / UT, and they have been asked to update the Commission with reports on the measures taken.
Emphasizing safe and robust evidence collection to ensure justice for survivors, the notice calls for ensuring that survivor testimonies are collected through videoconferencing in court, especially in cases where survivors are repatriated or released. of foster homes.
It is also recommended that data related to women, children, missing persons, and arrested persons rescued under anti-trafficking laws be updated to allow rapid exchange of information between districts and states to combat trafficking.
The notice highlights the importance of establishing village-level vigilance committees to record the details of migrants traveling to or from a village, intercept trafficking cases and help the community file cases.
While recommending that children who are out of school or who have dropped out need to be identified, the NHRC also recommends that the states department of labor designate a nodal district official to follow up on child labor cases. . To crack down on traffickers who bring vulnerable people to cities for domestic work, the notice calls on states to implement foolproof measures down to the district level to closely monitor the operation of private employment agencies.

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