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There is a great plan to end Congress, says Sanjay Nirupam | India News


MUMBAI: Congressional leader Sanjay Nirupam claimed on Friday that there is a grand plan to take down Congress and the “shigufa” to make PNC leader Sharad Pawar president of the UPA is part of the “Delhi to Mumbai “against Rahul Gandhi.
“The campaign being carried out against Rahul Gandhi from Delhi to Mumbai, the ‘shigufa’ to make Sharad Pawar president of the UPA is part of that. Under the same campaign, a letter with 23 signatures was written. Then a deficiency in coherence was found under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. There is a great plan to take down Congress, “Nirupam said in a tweet.
The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) has called it unfounded speculation that Sharad Pawar may head the United Progressive Alliance (UPA).
NCP chief spokesman Mahesh Tapase said Thursday that there is no discussion within UPA on any such proposal and that the reports appear to be created by vested interests to divert attention from the farmers’ agitation.
However, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has said that they will be happy if Pawar becomes the UPA president. He said Congress has been weakened.
“We will be happy if (the head of the Nationalist Congress Party Sharad) Pawar becomes the president of the UPA. But I have heard that he rejected it. We will support him if such a proposal comes to light officially. Congress is weak now as well. that the opposition needs to unite and strengthen the UPA ”, he said.
Shiv Sena is part of the ruling alliance in Maharashtra that also includes Congress and the PNC.
Raut said that Congress is a great party and that these are important things to decide. “Just as MVA was formed here (Maharashtra), it is necessary to see if a front of this type can be formed (at the national level) …”, he said.

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