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The race for strategic bases in the Indian Ocean region has begun, says CDS Bipin Rawat | India News

NEW DELHI: Noting the growing challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, Chief of Defense General Bipin Rawat said on Friday that the world is witnessing a race for strategic bases in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR ), adding that it is only going to gain momentum in the times to come.
“In recent times, along with geostrategic competition in the Indo-Pacific, we are also witnessing a race for strategic locations and bases in the Indian Ocean region, which will only gather momentum in the times to come,” said General Rawat while speaking a keynote speech. speech at the Global Dialogue Security Summit.
Speaking on the subject of “Challenging the Indo-Pacific for Global Domination,” CDS Rawat said: “In the military field, technology should be a means of deterrence, not a source of destruction. Therefore, our approach to security it must change from unilateral to multilateral modality that requires increasing training commitments with partner countries to strengthen the future. ”
He said that based on the challenges facing India, “we need long-term structured planning for capacity building and capacity development of our defense forces.”
On the subject of India’s geostrategic needs in the IOR, General Rawat said: “We need to maintain strategic autonomy, cooperative relations with extra-regional powers, underlined by strong regional ties that would provide us with a greater degree of strategic influence.”
“We need to build on other bilateral, trilateral and multilateral mechanisms like ‘JHA’ which are Japan, Australia and India, like India-ASEAN and other already existing mechanisms to have the right balance in our strategic autonomy,” said CDS Rawat. .
“The economic center of gravity is changing and will continue to change in this century. And as the main global supply chain runs through the region, the Indo-Pacific in general and the Indian Ocean Region in particular, they will continue to be vital for transit and world trade, “he added.
Summing up his speech, CDS Rawat said that “this is India’s century. Many around the world are optimistic about India. It has the demographic dividend of talent and vitality of culture.”

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