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PM Modi builds a palace for himself as farmers protest: Congress | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for starting construction of a new Parliament building, accusing him of indulging whims as farmers fought for their survival over three controversial farm laws. As Congress boycotted the performance, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sent his good wishes and the message was announced from the stage.
Congressional spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted: “Mr. Modi, history will record that when the ‘annadata’ fought for rights for 16 days on the streets, you were building a palace for yourself on behalf of Central Vista. In a democracy, power is not a means to fulfill whims, it is a means for public service and public welfare ”.
Congressional leaders such as Jairam Ramesh made similar comments, who said the new Parliament building bore an uncanny resemblance to the Pentagon building in Washington, the United States Ministry of Defense, while the old Parliament building, which was built by the British, it seemed to be inspired by the ‘Temple of Chausath Yogini’ at Morena in Madhya Pradesh.

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