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LAC Showdown: ‘Expect China to Combine Words with Actions’, Says India on Beijing’s Claims to Respect Border Agreements | India News


NEW DELHI: India on Friday blamed China for the current standoff in LAC and said it hopes the Chinese side will match its commitment to abide by border agreements with action on the ground.
“We have taken note of the statement by the Chinese side that it strictly observes ‘the agreements between the two parties and is committed to solving the border issue through dialogue and safeguarding peace and tranquility’ in the border areas. His words con shares, “said MEA spokesman Anurag Srivastava.
Srivastava said the situation that has developed in LAC over the past six months is the result of China’s attempts to unilaterally change the state, and dismissed claims by a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry blaming India for the same. .
“These actions violate bilateral agreements and protocol to ensure peace and tranquility throughout LAC in the border areas between India and China,” Srivastava said.
The two countries have exchanged blame after a fierce border clash in the Galwan Valley area in June that resulted in the arrest of 20 Indian soldiers. China has not officially confirmed the number of victims it suffered, but various sources have put the number at about 35.
The border between India and China has been largely peaceful since the 1962 war. Situations arising from differing perceptions of the largely unmarked border have been largely resolved peacefully at the local military level.
However, the aggressive stance of Chinese troops has caused the calm to be altered in recent years. Several incursions by Chinese forces have been reported in the Ladakh sector over the years. Indian and Chinese troops were caught in a protracted, almost “ eye to eye ” clash in the Doklam region in 2017.
The armies have been locked in a tense border clash in eastern Ladakh since early May. Both sides have accumulated troops and weapons on the respective sides of the border. Despite multiple rounds of military and diplomatic talks, no progress has yet been made.

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