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Border clash in Ladakh as a result of China’s actions: India | India News


NEW DELHI: India said on Friday that the military standoff in eastern Ladakh in the past six months has been the result of China’s actions seeking to effect a “unilateral change” in status along the Royal Line of Control ( LAC).
The comments by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava came at a press conference when asked about new comments from China’s Foreign Ministry blaming India again for the border situation in eastern Ladakh.
“Our position has been very clear and articulated several times in the past. The situation that we have seen since the last six months has been the result of the actions of the Chinese side that has sought to effect a unilateral change of status throughout from LAC in eastern Ladakh, “he said.
“These actions violate the bilateral agreements and the protocol to guarantee peace and tranquility throughout LAC in the border areas between India and China,” added Srivastava.
A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry again blamed India for the border clash in eastern Ladakh.
“We have taken note of the statement by the Chinese side that it strictly observes ‘the agreements between the two parties and is committed to solving the border problem through dialogue and safeguarding peace and tranquility’ in the border areas. We hope that the Chinese side match your words with actions, “said Srivastava.
The armies of India and China have been locked in a tense border clash in eastern Ladakh since early May. Both sides have held multiple rounds of military and diplomatic talks. However, no progress has yet been made.
Srivastava said that the two sides have continued to communicate through diplomatic and military channels.
“We hope that future discussions will help both parties to reach an agreement on a mutually acceptable solution to ensure complete disconnection at all friction points throughout LAC in the western sector and the full restoration of peace and tranquility as as soon as possible, “he added. he said.

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