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Two arrested for beating Dalit man to death for touching his food in MP


Madhya Pradesh police arrested two people on Thursday for allegedly killing a Dalit man for touching his food earlier this week.

Among the detained defendants are Santosh Pal, 25, and Lavkush Soni alias Bhura, 30, both residents of Kisunpur village in Chhatarpur district, 344 km north of Bhopal.

The police also seized the lathis used in the crime and also a motorcycle. Bhura Soni already faces criminal charges for murder, illegal possession of weapons, etc., according to the FIRs filed at the Gaurihar police station, the police said in the statement.

According to the first information report (FIR) presented at the Gaurihar police station on Tuesday, the defendant invited Devraj Anuragi, who belonged to the village of Kisunpur, to a party in a nearby field. After returning home two hours later, he told his relatives that the two beat him when he had touched his food. A few minutes later he complained of chest pain and died.

The brother of the late Ramnaresh said: “My brother was eating at home when the defendant Santosh Pal came to our residence and took my brother with him. Later, Bhura Soni, her cousin Rohit Soni, and another person from the village joined Pal. They took my brother to the nearby jungle where they beat him as some of our relatives saw him. Santosh Pal spoke to me on the phone and asked me to take my brother home and not report anything to the police. I brought my brother home. He was alive for only 15 minutes ”.

According to the official statement, “Devraj Anuragi died from injuries sustained in the attack on him. An FIR was filed against the two defendants under sections 302 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and section 3 (2) V of the Recognized Castes and Tribes Act (Atrocity Prevention). A team of police officers arrested the accused near Thakurra village. ”

(With input from Anupam Pateriya in Sagar)

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