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There are no Covid-19 posters outside the houses: Supreme Court


On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ordered all states and territories of the Union (UT) not to place isolation posters in the home outside the houses of Covid-19 patients unless the authorities under the law of management of disasters issue specific instructions on a case-by-case basis.

In what may end the practice in all states, the superior court issued its order after stressing that the central government never compelled or recommended that states and UT post such posters or other signage outside the residences of those who gave positive for Covid-19. .

The higher court, headed by Judge Ashok Bhushan, reproduced the Center’s November 19 letter to the states and UT, obliging them to strictly comply with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) for Covi d -19-positive. patients in home isolation. This letter emphasized the absence of any requirement to post posters and called for “scrupulous” adherence to the rules.

Taking note of this letter, the court said in its order: “We only observe that no state or territory of the Union is obliged to post posters outside the residence of Covid-19 positive people, as of now.”

The court, which also included Judges RS Reddy and MR Shah, added that such measures can only be taken after the authorities empowered by the Disaster Management Act 2015 prescribe it in certain specific cases.

The court order reinforces recent communication from the central government to the states and UT about various concerns about the placement of home isolation posters and Covid-19. While the November 19 letter only spoke of the absence of any obligation to post such posters, the court order is expected to go further in mitigating the arrests of those who might be reluctant to come forward and be tested for fear of social stigma due to pictorial warnings.

Citing the decision of the Delhi and Punjab governments to stop this practice, the bank had said last month that the central government should draw up guidelines on the matter for the entire country.

Subsequently, the letter dated November 19 was sent to all states and UT, stating: “The MoHFW guidelines do not contain any instructions or guidance regarding the posting of posters or other signs outside the residences of those who tested positive. for Covid ”.

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