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Ryots hit the streets of Bengaluru and called the land reform bill in favor of the wealthy India News

BENGALURU: Farmers from different districts staged a ‘barkolu’ (whipping stick) rally in the city on Wednesday, protesting the passage of the Karnataka Land Reform Bill (Second Amendment) 2020 by the legislative council.
Farmer groups argued that the bill would allow the acquisition of agricultural land by non-farmers, especially the real estate lobby. They showed ‘barkolus’ (whip sticks used to herd cattle) to convey that politicians were not acting in the interests of farmers and that they need to be taught a lesson.
Hundreds of farmers gathered in various parts of the city and chanted slogans against BJP and JD (S), who on Tuesday extended their support for the bill. Farmers said the decision to repeal Sections 79 (A), 79 (B) and 79 (C) would remove the income cap for land purchases, a measure that would allow the rich and powerful to seize land from the farmers. small farmers.
Traffic in the central business district broke down for several hours as all major crossings were blocked by protesting crowds. In fact, many ryots were stopped at toll gates and other entry points to prevent them from entering the city.

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