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More than 200 prisoners released on bail to control the spread of Covid do not return


More than 200 prisoners, some released on parole and others on provisional bail to control the spread of Covid-19, have not returned to Uttarakhand jail even after their time out, jail authorities said.

Thirty-six prisoners were released on probation and a six-month bail was granted in March and April to 184 defendants at Haldwani Prison.

The prison administration has sent letters to the district police to re-arrest these prisoners.

Manoj Arya, Chief Superintendent of Haldwani Prison, said: “These prisoners were put on probation for six months due to the Covid-19 pandemic following the instructions of the Supreme Court in an attempt to combat the pandemic. We have sent letters to re-arrest those prisoners to the chiefs of police in their respective districts. “

Arya said inmates serving up to seven years in prison were released from jail between March 31 and the first week of April in an attempt to stop the spread of the pandemic in the jail facilities. Seventy-eight prisoners were released on probation for six months, of whom 32 returned to jail when their probation period ended in October, but 36 prisoners have yet to appear to date, Arya said.

Arya said the prisoners who did not return to jail are 27 from US Nagar, 2 from Nainital, four from Moradabad and one from the Bijnore, Rampur and Sambhal districts of Uttar Pradesh.

“Similarly, the court granted a provisional bond for six months from jail to 210 sub-evidence for similar reasons. Of these, 184 of those prisoners have not returned to jail. Interestingly, 26 of them are in jail after being arrested for committing crimes such as robbery or drug trafficking during the provisional bail period, “said Arya.

“In case the trials are not carried out, the court will make the decisions about what will be done against them, since the court granted them a provisional bond,” added the officer.

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