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Jharkhand will ask the Center to review the MGNREG’s minimum wage


Jharkhand will soon send a proposal to the Center to revise the minimum wage rate and the CFT (cubic feet) per man-day provision for workers working under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), rural development officials said. Thursday.

Workers working under the MGNREGS earn a much lower minimum wage than the state minimum wage. The state’s minimum wage is ₹ 283, while a MGNREGS worker receives ₹ 194, authorities said.

Similarly, a worker’s man-day under the Center’s scheme is considered after he excavates 73 cubic feet of earth in Jharkhand. A worker receives a minimum wage of ₹ 194 after digging 73 CFT in Jharkhand, while MGNREGS workers in Andhra Pradesh earn the minimum wage after excavating just 28 CFT. In Chhatisgarh, the criteria is 48 CFT, officials said.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren, while reviewing the rural development department’s progress on Wednesday, ordered officials to write to the Center to request an increase in the minimum wage rate for MGNREGS workers.

The prime minister said: “The wage under MGNREGS is still less than the state minimum wage. In such a situation, an increase in the MGNREGS rate is needed to reduce the difference. The department should take steps to obtain the consent of the central government in this regard. ”

Soren said that MGNREGS is a multidimensional scheme, which has immense potential to create large-scale employment in rural Jharkhand.

State secretary for rural development, Aradhana Patnaik, said: “We will soon send a proposal to the Center to review the minimum wage for MGNREGS workers. We are also making efforts to review the CFT provision, which will help improve the man-days and income of workers under the Center’s scheme ”.

He said that for a review of the CFT rule, the National Institute of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj is beginning to carry out a time-motion study in Jharkhand.

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