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‘Intolerance, your name is Mamata’: Nadda hits Bengal CM after convoy attack | India News


NEW DELHI: BJP Chairman JP Nadda harshly criticized the West Bengal government on Thursday after his convoy was attacked in the state, saying the incident has exposed “anarchy, lawlessness and intolerance” that prevails under the governance of TMC.
In a stinging attack on Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Nadda joked “intolerance, your name is Mamata” adding that the way she is working is detrimental to Indian democracy.
Nadda’s strong response came hours after her convoy was attacked with rocks while en route to Diamond Harbor in the South 24 Parganas district. The attack left several people injured, including party leader Kailash Vijayvargya.
The BJP has claimed that the attack was the work of TMC supporters with the Union Interior Ministry seeking a report from the state government on the incident. However, TMC Supreme Mamata Banerjee claimed that the attack was organized by the BJP itself.
Speaking out against Mamata for the incident, Nadda said he was not injured in the attack just because he was riding in a bulletproof vehicle.
“Eight of our children were injured today, they are sons of Bengal. Every BJP worker will support them forever. The impact of the brick can be seen on the windshield of my bulletproof vehicle. It was because of the bulletproof vehicle that I was saved,” he said. the head of the BJP.
He said the incident shows that anarchy and anarchy reign in the state ruled by Mamata, where there is no room for political debate.
“This (incident) says a lot about Mamata ji mentality … I have been told that he has given me many names. Mamata ji, this speaks of your culture. This is not Bengali culture,” Nadda said.
Earlier today, an angry Nadda had called the attack “unprecedented” and claimed that the state had slipped into “total anarchy and goonda raj.”
Several trade union ministers, including Interior Minister Amit Shah and West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar, reacted with outrage to the incident.
“Bengal has descended into an era of tyranny, anarchy and darkness under the Trinamool government. The way in which political violence has been institutionalized and pushed to the extreme in West Bengal under TMC is sad and disturbing,” Shah tweeted.
Dhankhar accused the state administration of failing to act despite alerting the secretary general and the director general of police.
The governor tweeted that he had hinted at the state administration, at 8.19 a.m. M. And at 9:05 a.m. M. Thursday, of the possibility of the collapse of law and order during a BJP meeting at Diamond Harbor in the South 24 Parganas district.
Meanwhile, Mamata’s party lashed out at the BJP and claimed the attack was staged.
TMC leader Subrata Mukherjee sought to know if the incident was an attempt by the BJP to divert attention from the “historic launch” of the ruling party’s report card.
Mamata said that BJP activists are “slapping themselves” and blaming their party.
“Every day (the BJP activists) go out (to the demonstrations) with firearms. They slap and blame the Trinamool Congress. Just think about the situation. They are wandering with the BSF, CRPF, Army, CISF … So why are you so scared? ”he said in Kolkata.
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