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Health Minister Harsh Vardhan Says Government Fails to Commit to Covid-19 Vaccine Scientific and Regulatory Standards


The Covid-19 vaccine is expected to be available in the coming weeks and, with close monitoring, it is ensured that scientific and regulatory standards, ranging from safety from trials to efficacy of the vaccine, are not compromised. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said Thursday.

Vardhan, who digitally addressed the World Bank’s inter-ministerial meeting on Vaccination of South Asia against Covid-19 here, detailed how by leveraging existing digital interventions from the Mission Indradhanush immunization program, the country is building the advanced digital system. CO-WIN. platform, which will allow citizens to self-register for vaccination, monitor their status and receive an electronic vaccination certificate based on a QR code once the process is completed, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health.

The minister said that the government has analyzed the current requirement for vaccines and is working to increase capacities, health infrastructure and the workforce.

“The vaccine is expected to be available in the next few weeks and the vaccination process will begin in India as soon as it is approved by the relevant regulatory agency.

“With strict supervision, we ensure that there is no compromise with scientific and regulatory standards, ranging from the safety of trials to the efficacy of vaccines,” he stressed.

Vardhan reminded everyone of the strong political commitment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been personally overseeing vaccine production by visiting the manufacturing facilities of pharmaceutical companies engaged in vaccine production, encouraging scientists at the helm and catalyzing the process.

Presenting a detailed summary of the proactive, preventive, qualified, total approach of government and society towards the Covid-19 pandemic in the country, he said: “Effective planning and strategic management have enabled India to maintain its cases per million. at 7,078 versus the world average of 8,883. The mortality rate is 1.45%, well below the world average of 2.29%. “Vardhan briefed the audience on the experience in vaccine distribution, the country’s production and storage capacity, along with the presence from a wide and experienced network of professionals to optimize vaccination against Covid.

“India’s world-class research institutes have spearheaded the campaign against Covid-19 and are currently working to facilitate the development of capacities to produce, distribute and administer the vaccine. A total of 260 vaccine candidates are in different stages of development globally.

“Of these, eight are scheduled to be manufactured in India, including three indigenous. We have enthusiastically leveraged the support of international partners such as the University of Oxford, UK, and Thomas Jefferson University, USA, for vaccine research with Indian entities, both public and private, ”he said.

The minister concluded his speech by honoring the courage and sacrifice of numerous crown warriors around the world, who have been at the forefront in the fight against Covid-19.

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