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China and Pakistan behind farmers’ protest: Union Minister Danve


Union Minister Raosaheb Danve claimed on Wednesday that China and Pakistan were behind ongoing protests by farmers, seeking the repeal of three new agricultural laws.

It also alleged that Muslims were previously misled about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and the National Citizens Registry (NRC), but since those efforts were unsuccessful, farmers have now been told that they will face losses due to the new laws.

Danve spoke at the inauguration of a health center in Kolte Takli in Badnapur taluka of the Jalna district of Maharashtra.

“The turmoil that is happening is not that of the farmers. China and Pakistan are behind this. Muslims in this country were first incited. What was said (to them)? That NRC is coming, CAA is coming, and Muslims will have to leave this country in six months. Did only one Muslim leave? “Those efforts were unsuccessful and farmers are now being told they will face losses. This is the conspiracy of other countries, ”Danve said.

The minister, however, did not elaborate on the basis that he claimed that the two neighboring countries are behind the farmers’ protests.

“The government is buying wheat at Rs 24 and rice at Rs 34 per kg and giving it to the people at Rs 2 and 3 per kg respectively. The government is spending Rs 1.75 million lakh on the subsidy for this. The government is spending money for the welfare of the farmers, ”said the Minister of State for Consumer Affairs.

“These initiatives of the central government show that it is willing to spend money on farmers, but others do not like it,” said the BJP leader.

Danve said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the prime minister of farmers and none of his decisions would be against farmers.

The Shiv Sena criticized Danve for dragging China and Pakistan into the farmers’ agitation, saying the BJPleaders are insane.

Sena spokesman and former Union Minister Arvind Sawant told PTI that the BJP leaders are crazy because they lost power in Maharashtra.

“They don’t know what they are talking about,” said the Sena leader.

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