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2 more hospitalized people die with symptoms of the mysterious Eluru disease


Two more people suffering from the mysterious disease in Eluru of Andhra Pradesh died at a hospital in Vijayawada on Wednesday night, but doctors said the causes of death were different.

The deceased were identified as Subbaravamma (56) and Chandra Rao (50), who were admitted to the Eluru government hospital on Sunday with symptoms of seizures and dizziness. They were transferred to a government hospital in Vijayawada on Monday.

Andhra Pradesh Health Minister Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas, aka Nani, told reporters after visiting Vijayawada hospital on Thursday that the two deaths were not due to the “strange illness” that affected Eluru.

“In fact, they were admitted to the hospital with similar symptoms. However, doctors have confirmed that one of them, Subbaravamma, succumbed to Covid-19 and the other person, Chandra Rao, died of a heart attack, “said the minister.

Eluru government hospital superintendent AVR Mohan said that so far only one person, Sridhar (45), has died from symptoms of the mysterious illness. “The other two also had these symptoms, but died from other health complications,” he said.

He said the two patients had been admitted to Eluru hospital first with symptoms of a mysterious illness. “But since they had other serious health problems, we transferred them to Vijayawada hospital,” he said.

Chief Secretary of State Neelam Sawhney visited the government hospital in Eluru on Thursday and interacted with patients. He later held a meeting with the experts from the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences and the doctors from the hospitals to find out about the latest position.

The superintendent of Eluru hospital said the number of cases of mysterious illnesses was gradually decreasing. As on Thursday night, the total number of patients suffering from the disease was 599, of which 528 patients were discharged. “Only nine people were admitted since the morning,” he said.

Mohan said the doctors, with the support of the ward’s secretariat staff, had been monitoring the condition of the discharged patients. “Experts from various institutes have been investigating the cases from all angles. They have also collected blood samples including from animals and food substances such as rice, legumes and vegetables in Eluru, but also in the surrounding villages, ”he said.

The health minister said the results of various tests carried out on blood, water and food samples were expected by Friday night. “Experts are studying how traces of heavy metals were found in blood samples from patients. The government is holding medical camps in the affected areas to treat if there are any symptoms of the strange disease, “Nani added.

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