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SC seeks answers from the Center, states on aspects of the Covid-19 guidelines, fire safety in hospitals | India News


SC seeks answers from the Center, states on aspects of the Covid-19 guidelines, fire safety in hospitals | India News

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the Supreme Court sought a “detailed” response from the Center and the states on issues ranging from adherence to Covid-19 guidelines on wearing face masks and social distancing norms to implementation of fire safety guidelines in hospitals and nursing homes across the country.
The high court was hearing a suo motu case filed by him to ensure the proper treatment of Covid-19 patients in hospitals and the dignified handling of dead bodies there.
Recently, it also became aware of the incident of the fire at a designated Covid-19 hospital in Gujarat’s Rajkot, in which several patients had died, raising the problem of the lack of adequate fire safety measures in hospitals across the country. country.
A bank headed by Judge Ashok Bhushan asked Attorney General Tushar Mehta, who appears for the Center and the Gujarat government, to submit detailed affidavits within three days on issues such as compliance with Covid-19 guidelines and the fire safety measures in hospitals and nursing homes.
The court, which also comprises Justices RS Reddy and MR Shah, ordered states to submit affidavits before Friday on action taken on these issues and settled the suo motu case for hearing on December 14.
Tushar Mehta, the attorney general, maintains that with respect to the Fire Safety Audit, an order has been issued to all states to form an appropriate Committee and the compilation of all data is in process and will be submitted along with a affidavit within a period of three days from today, the bank noted in your order.
The higher court said that the Gujarat government can issue the appropriate notice to ensure that the Investigative Committee chaired by Judge DA Mehta, which is investigating the fire at the Covid Hospital in Rajkot, is also authorized to investigate the other fire incident. that happened in Shreyas. Ahmedabad Hospital.
Mehta had said that the same panel can also investigate the two fire tragedies so that an early report can be made and appropriate action can be taken regarding the hospitals where a fire broke out that resulted in the death of several patients.
He said the Center has asked all states and Union Territories (UT) to submit a status report on the implementation of fire safety guidelines to prevent the recurrence of fire incidents in hospitals and nursing homes.
A detailed report on fire safety will be prepared after receiving input from the states, he said.
Then the bank asked about the fire safety audit of Gujarat and the hospitals there and said how many nodal officers have been appointed.
He then asked about the steps taken to enforce the COVID-19 guidelines on wearing face masks in public and adhering to social distancing rules.
“You file a detailed affidavit detailing all the steps taken,” it read.
Previously, the high court had said that people violate Covid-19 guidelines on wearing face masks in public places with impunity and fail to adhere to social distancing rules.
It detained the authorities for failing to guarantee strict compliance with these measures to contain the coronavirus and asked the Center and the states to give suggestions so that the appropriate instructions can be issued to implement these guidelines.
However, the high court had suspended the Gujarat High Court’s direction to send people caught without masks to perform community service at COVID-19 patient care facilities.
He had taken note of statements by the Gujarat government that the order was severe and had serious repercussions on the offenders’ health.
The high court had asked the Gujarat government to strictly enforce the Covid-19 guidelines.
The high court had also expressed concern about the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases across the country.


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