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Opposition leaders meet with the president and urge him to ask the government to accept the farmers’ demands | India News


NEW DELHI: A delegation of five opposition leaders on Wednesday urged President Ram Nath Kovind to ask the government not to be “stubborn” in the face of farmers’ agitation against the new farm laws and to accept the demands of farm unions.
The delegation consisted of Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi, CPM’s Sitaram Yechury, NCP veteran Sharad Pawar, CPI’s D Raja, and DMK’s TKS Elangovan. After meeting with the president, Rahul Gandhi said Wednesday that the government should not harbor misconceptions that protesting farmers will capitulate and pledged opposition support. “They have understood that if they succumb, they will have no future in Hindustan. I tell the farmers not to panic, no one can reject them. You are Hindustan,” he said.
“The agricultural bills were passed without discussion with the opposition or farmers and are an insult to the agricultural community. That is why thousands of them are on the streets, protesting in a non-violent way. The government must know that they are not he will withdraw or cower. ”
Yechury referred to the farmers’ strike as “heroic and historic”, adding that the government should repeal the farm laws and withdraw the electricity amendment bill. Pawar said the delegation, representing the support and sentiments of more than 20 political parties, conveyed to the president that the laws should be discussed and sent to a select committee.
“The bills were hastily passed. That is the reason for the reaction of the agricultural community. Political parties are not directly involved in these protests. But farmers realize that these bills do not protect their interests. Even the MSP is not mentioned in the bill, which is disturbing. It is the government’s duty to listen, “Pawar said.
CPI chief D Raja said the laws will put farmers at the mercy of large corporations, while Elangovan said the Modi government had broken its promise in Parliament two years ago that the Swaminathan Committee report would be would implement in full. “We are not against agricultural reforms. But these laws are against farmers,” he said.

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