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Farmers to intensify the protest; Petitions oppn President: Main news | India News


NEW DELHI: Farmers protesting the three new farm laws on Wednesday rejected the government’s offer of a “written guarantee” that the existing minimum price support (MSP) for acquiring crops would continue. They have said the unrest will intensify and have called for a nationwide protest on December 14.
Meanwhile, a five-member delegation of opposition leaders met with President Ram Nath Kovind today and sought the repeal of the new farm laws.
Here are the 10 key developments of the day:
1. As thousands of farmers continue to protest at various borders in the national capital demanding the repeal of three new agricultural laws, the government proposed to give a “written guarantee” that the existing Minimum Price of Subsistence (MSP) regime for acquisitions will continue. He also proposed making necessary modifications on at least seven issues, including one to allay fears about a weakening of the mandi system.
2. Peasant leaders rejected the government’s proposal and announced that they would intensify their agitation by blocking the Jaipur-Delhi and Delhi-Agra highways by Saturday. They also threatened to escalate the unrest at a national protest on December 14. At a press conference, peasant leader Shiv Kumar Kakka said that there was nothing new in the government’s proposal and that it was “completely rejected” by the “Sanyukta Kisan Committee”. at their meeting on Wednesday. Farmers union leaders called the proposal an “insult” to the country’s farmers. However, they said that if the government sends a new proposal for talks, they can consider it.
3. A delegation of opposition leaders met with President Ram Nath Kovind and sought the repeal of the three agricultural laws. The five-member delegation consisted of Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi, PCN Chief Sharad Pawar, PCM Secretary General Sitaram Yechury, PCI Secretary General D Raja, and DMK Leader TKS Elangovan. “We met with the president and informed him of our opinion on the three agricultural laws. We have asked for their repeal. We informed the president that it is essential that they withdraw,” Gandhi told reporters after the meeting.
Four. The sixth round of talks between the government and agricultural union leaders, which was scheduled for Wednesday morning, was canceled. According to union leaders, a new so-called ‘Delhi chalo’ (march to Delhi) is being given to all farmers in northern India by December 14, while those in the south will be asked to protest at the headquarters of the district. It is unclear when the next round of talks will take place.
5. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar met with Interior Minister Amit Shah to discuss the next course of action after farmer leaders rejected the Center’s draft proposal, sources said. The sources said the agriculture minister is believed to have discussed with the interior minister a possible way to end the stalemate after agricultural unions rejected the government’s draft proposal. The Minister of Railways, Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal was also present at the meeting.
6. Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), a former ally of the BJP-led NDA, called on the Center to “stop playing games” with innocent farmers and withdraw the three agricultural laws “immediately and unconditionally”. The SAD, which had withdrawn from the NDA after the agricultural laws were enacted, also supported the farmers’ rejection of the center’s proposal on these laws.
7. Punjab BJP Director Ashwani Sharma called the farmers’ decision to reject the center’s proposal to amend the new farm laws as “unfortunate.” He urged protesting farmers to review their decision. “It was a shame that the farmers’ leaders rejected the proposed amendments to the three agriculture bills,” Sharma said in a statement.
8. AAP alleged that Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s movement is still “restricted” and the main door of his residence remains locked by Delhi police, who denied the charge. AAP, which had alleged on Tuesday that Delhi police placed Kejriwal under house arrest after he met with farmers protesting the Center’s agricultural reform laws on the city’s border with Singhu, again claimed that it was being done. at the urging of Amit Shah. Delhi police had rejected AAP’s accusation as “totally unfounded”.
9. Haryana Congress President Kumari Selja and Lok Dal Indian Leader Abhay Singh Chautala met separately with protesting farmers on the Tikri border and said the entire country supports them.
10. Peasant leaders have said they will dismiss the BJP ministers, the party’s district offices and boycott their leaders on December 14. They said that all toll plazas across the country will be free on December 12.
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