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Farmers harden their stance and say ‘if the government is stubborn, so are we’


When the Center sent a new proposal on Wednesday, which included the guarantee of a minimum support price, a change in the APMC law, taxes on private players, etc., the protesting farmers hardened their position and said that if the government he is stubborn not to withdraw the laws, so farmers are also stubborn to continue their protests. “The farmers will not come back. It is a matter of respect. Will the government now withdraw the laws? Will there be tyranny? If the government is stubborn, so are the farmers. The laws have to be withdrawn, ”said Bharatiya Kisan Union national spokesman Rakesh Tikait, noting that there is no thaw in the current stalemate, which has laid siege to the capital.

Farmers’ protests against the three farm laws that fear they will corporatize agriculture have entered the 14th on Wednesday, as all attempts to reach an understanding have so far failed. Farmers are now demanding a total withdrawal of the laws, while the Center has made it clear that there will be amendments to the provisions that farmers have objections to, but the laws will not be repealed. Since September, after the enactment of the laws, there have been five meetings between the farmers and the Center. Three meetings have been held after the ‘Dilli Chalo’ protests began on November 26. The sixth meeting scheduled for Wednesday was canceled because neither side is ready to blink first.

A five-member delegation from the opposition parties, including the leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, the head of the PCN, Sharad Pawar, a representative of the DMK, the general secretary of the CPI, D Raja, and the general secretary of the CPI (M ), Sita, you will meet with the president today at 5 pm

As protests continued, traffic was disrupted at the border points with farmers waving at Delhi’s Singhu, TIkri and Ghazipur borders.

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