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Excited by Tepid Response to Bandh, BJP Mounts Strong Defense of Farm Laws | India News


NEW DELHI: Encouraged by what they saw as a poor response to the ‘Bharat Bandh’ summoned by farmer groups protesting against farm laws, BJP launched a strong defense of the trio of laws and called them favorable to farmers as it sharpened its attack against the opposition.
“The agricultural laws of the Center are favorable to farmers. Not only will they increase farmers’ income significantly, but they will also provide them with economic security. Procurement (of agricultural products) will continue at MSP … there is no doubt that it will get An end to this mechanism. Mandis (agricultural markets) will also continue to function as usual, “Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said in a statement.
The statement was part of a larger effort in which senior party leaders, such as General Secretary Bhupender Yadav, refuted the “anti-foreign” criticisms that the opposition has leveled against the three laws and that Union Minister Smriti Irani launched. an attack on opponents for “politicizing” the issue. .

Excited by Tepid Response to Bandh, BJP Mounts Strong Defense of Farm Laws | India News

The attacks were part of a two-pronged effort in which the government reached out to protesters on a day when the response to bandh’s call appeared to validate the saffron strategists’ estimate that the demand for repeal of the laws had no a lot of acceptance outside of Punjab. and parts of Haryana.
However, while the sources seemed to get satisfaction from the “tactical error” of the farmers and the opposition in calling for a Bharat Bandh, the government was reluctant to precipitate the confrontation with the protesters and tried to try to resolve the impasse. , Amit Shah, displayed his great weapon, a move that reversed the dialogue with a greater degree of urgency and raised it a few points and seemed to support the guarantees that the government can make with a solemnity.
Party circles believe that, by exaggerating, the opposition has expanded the negotiating space for the government. Shah’s intervention signaled an eagerness to seize the opportunity.
“The government is committed to safeguarding the interests of farmers and the new laws will be beneficial to them,” Chouhan said.
Irani attacked the opposition for resorting to hoaxes and “lies” against laws enacted for the welfare of farmers. “The opposition, which was unable to obtain public support through the vote, has come out today to violate law and order. Political interference is aimed at creating anarchy in the country,” he said.
Chouhan and Yadav also sought to address a specific charge against the laws, which would lead to the extinction of the mandi and thus leave farmers at the mercy of corporations. Yadav said the mandis would continue to flourish and farmers would continue to enjoy the benefits of the MSP. Chouhan said the new laws, while preserving the mandi, seek to expand options for farmers to increase their income. “With the new laws, farmers will benefit as they will be able to sell their products outside of existing mandis at competitive prices,” he said.

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